ATMIA Celebrates a Quarter of a Century of Service to the Global ATM Industry

ATMIA has announced the launch of its 25th anniversary year logo to help the association commemorate a quarter of a century of service to the worldwide ATM industry. Founded in humble circumstances in Louisville, Kentucky, the not-for-profit association has expanded year on year to represent over 650 companies in 70 countries from all sectors of the ATM, cash and payments sectors.

“After starting ATMIA in a two-room office in a small town in Kentucky, I could only dream it would become the global industry force it is today,” said founding director, Tom Harper, who is CEO of the Networld Media Group. “Mike Lee has led it into the world’s major markets with amazing skill and diplomacy.”

“ATMIA is the sum total of all its staff, who make up a stunning team, and our members, sponsors and partners and we celebrate this milestone with them in humility and thankfulness,” Lee added. “Not long ago, the ATM turned 50 years old and our industry now stands on the crest of a new wave of innovation and production through Next Gen ATMs.”

During the 25 years of growth, the technology around ATMs has changed significantly. Industry veteran and award-winning thought leader, Donna Embry, President & COO of KLEAR Technologies, which became the first company in the world to certify as Next Gen ready, explains the changing landscape of the industry: “Combining the mobility of consumers, the Internet of Things, the already successful proliferation of devices worldwide, and the introduction of various new forms of digital currency, such as Crypto, the Next Gen project offers an exciting way for the ATM industry to reinvent itself and to ensure that there will be at least another 25 years to celebrate. The ride on the superhighway will be a most enjoyable one and I am looking forward to it.”

Jaques Rosenzvaig, TecBan’s CEO, foresees the association guiding the industry to further expansion and growth in the years ahead, helping with the issues of the time: “ATMIA’s relevance allows models like TecBan’s, and other companies in the ecosystem, to be shared and expanded. I am sure that good discussions and content promoted will help the market to find answers for expansion and consolidation of themes such as ATM recycling, new payment models, deposits and transfers, ATM spaces, transformation of bank branches, open banking, among others.”

One loyal member, Desert Financial Credit Union, has praised ATMIA’s resources for assisting the industry: “ATMIA is the leading organization for ATM education and networking in the industry, we are glad to be members and wish ATMIA another prosperous 25 years,” said Daniel González-Márquez, Desert’s ATM Operations Program Manager.

Long-time member and influential consultant, Sam M. Ditzion, President & CEO of Tremont Capital Group, wished the association a happy anniversary, saying: “For the past 25 years, the ATMIA has brought together stakeholders from 70 countries in a common mission to advance the industry, foster collaboration and shape public policy.”

ATMIA will launch its anniversary milestone celebrations at its 23rd annual US conference, “Reinventing the ATM Ecosystem – a new dawn of self-service innovation” to take place early in February in Orlando. A Member Town Hall has been arranged to feature reflections on the first 25 years of ATMIA’s existence with founders, thought leaders and serving executive officers, as well as forecasts for the future.

All ATMIA’s conferences in the year will mark the milestone in a similar manner, and ATMIA will share blogs and articles showing that this time now is a turning-point where the future diverges from the past, with the association’s leaders vowing to journey with its members and the wider industry all the way to 2050!

“ATMIA represents our industry with vigor, vision and integrity,”concluded award-winning consultant and industry veteran, Leland S. Englebardt, Practice Leader, Upshot Financial. “Many organizations claim to be leaders, but ATMIA is one of the few that has always walked the talk. After a quarter century it continues to do so, creating a Next Gen environment that will keep ATMs the most trusted and popular touch points for final self-service worldwide. I salute the directors, members, and staff of ATMIA for their great work and I wish them another 25 years of success.”

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