ATMIA Latin America Forms Regional Board

The ATM Industry Association (ATMIA) announces that its Latin America chapter will begin forming a combination Regional Board and Government Relations Committee. ATMIA is calling for those with a vested interest in the industry to join the Board.

“A functioning Board is critical to the growth and maturity of our regional chapters,” said Mike Lee, ATMIA CEO. “It marks the point at which the members really begin to take ownership of the direction and activities of their chapter.”

A preliminary organizational meeting will be held on February 11, 2014, in Orlando, FL, in conjunction with the annual conference of ATMIA USA. In addition to the LA chapter meeting, two sessions will be presented that focus on Latin America ATMs. The conference runs from February 11-13 and is the largest ATM-focused event in the world.

The new Board also will serve as a Government Relations Committee. “There is significant concern in the regional payments industry about the proliferation of regulatory activity,” explains David Tente, Executive Director for the LA Chapter. “Industry stakeholders have been watching new regulations in one country being quickly adopted by others.” Tente adds, “An active GRC creates a united front that can help Latin American chapter members deal more effectively with such cross-border regulatory issues.” Organizations that join ATMIA at the Board level will play an active role in this critical new joint committee. A special membership rate for those attending the U.S. conference will be available February 11 until March 31, representing a savings of 25 percent off a regular annual membership. For more information go to or email

Future plans call for a live Board/GRC meeting in mid-2014, in conjunction with a major Latin America banking conference or event. ATMIA is optimistic that the LA Chapter will be in a position to host its own Latin America ATM conference in 2015.

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