ATMIA Publishes Position Paper on Cash as Public Money

ATMIA, the world’s only international association for the ATM industry, has published a new position paper about the role of cash as public money. “Cash today still represents 85% of global retail payment transactions,” said Mike Lee, CEO of ATMIA, “but its role as public money is key to the underlying trust the world continues

World’s First International Certificate for ATM Operators Awarded to Amy Coulson of Pueblo Bank & Trust, USA

The ATM Industry Association (ATMIA) has announced the first ever ATM operator to be internationally certified after completing the industry’s new professional online operational training. Amy Coulson, Operations Manager with Pueblo Bank & Trust, has been awarded the industry endorsed International Certificate for ATM Operators to become the first certified ATM Operator since the training

ATMIA and Tremont Capital Group Release Updated U.S. ATM Industry Overview

The ATM Industry Association (ATMIA) and Tremont Capital Group have released the “U.S. ATM Industry Overview”, an updated version of the ATM Deployer white paper first published in 2010. This comprehensive report begins with a review of the ATM industry’s history over nearly five decades. And with the exception of 2006 – 2007, it’s remarkably

ATMIA Announces Creation of U.S. Underbanked Forum

The ATM Industry Association (ATMIA) has announced the creation of a new U.S. Underbanked Forum, to help foster development and deployment of ATM solutions addressing the needs of the unbanked and underbanked. Although explosive growth in the use of mobile devices for payments and banking services has dramatically improved consumer accessibility, there is still a

ATMIA Releases Research Paper on Bitcoin

The ATM Industry Association has announced the release of a commissioned research report into the digital currency BitCoin and what it might mean to the industry. The paper, written by Tremont Capital Group, one of the nation’s leading consulting firms specializing in the ATM industry, is called “An Introduction to BitCoin ATMs” and contains special

ATMIA Academy to Offer International ATM Operators’ Certificate

ATMIA has launched the first-ever industry-endorsed online training certification for ATM operators (Financial Institutions and IADs). The ATMIA Academy training program consists of over 100 sessions divided into 5 courses that members can access individually or in teams. The material was based on intensive global research into current ATM operational practices and procedures. Mike Lee,

Gregory Sahrmann Elected ATMIA U.S. Board Co-Chair

Payment Alliance International (PAI)  is pleased to announce the election of Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Gregory Sahrmann, as co-chair of the ATM Industry Association (ATMIA) U.S. board of directors. Sahrmann’s co-chair partner is Steve Gernes, ISO segment manager, from Elan Financial Services. They will officially assume their roles at the next ATMIA

ATMIA Releases Risk Assessment Report for Migration from Windows XP

The ATM Industry Association has announced the release of its report analysing the risks of not properly preparing for the migration from Windows XP to a Windows 7 OS following Microsoft’s end-of-support for XP in April this year. Entitled “Risks of Maintaining Windows XP Platform for ATMs”, the report recommends steps for mitigating or eliminating

ATMIA Urges MasterCard to Support U.S. Debit Solution with Common Governance

ATMIA has posted a response to a January 8 open letter by MasterCard, signed by North American Markets President Chris McWilton, that affirmed there would be no changes to the liability shifts set out in MasterCard’s EMV roadmap. The letter claims that a delay in the liability shift dates would “potentially increase the U.S.’s disproportionate

ATMIA Participates in Federal Reserve Bank/X9 Committee Meeting

Twelve ATMIA members were among more than 50 exclusive guests attending an invitation-only meeting hosted jointly by the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia and the X9 Accredited Standards Committee. The topic of the December 9-10 meeting was “Integrated Chip Payment Standards: the Next Generation.” Amid the ongoing challenge of finding a workable EMV debit solution,