ATMIA Publishes Next Gen ATM Deployer Guide

ATMIA today published a “Next Generation ATM Deployer Guide” to help banks and independent ATM deployers to get ready for the production of Next Gen ATMs, which will link millions of ATMs to billions of mobile phones in a new ATM ecosystem.

Subtitled “Expert opinions and lessons learned during the ATM industry’s migration to NextGen Architecture (2018 – 2019)”, the study, conducted by respected industry veteran Leland Engelbardt of Upshot Advisors, was based on a survey of industry experts followed by interviews to highlight the hot topics, opportunities and concerns leading up to what ATMIA believes will be the biggest future-proofing exercise since the invention of the ATM in 1967.

This must-have manual contains an introduction to the global Next Gen project, analysis of the survey results,  key questions regarding hardware and software upgrades needed to migrate to Next Gen, cost issues, the business case and underlying economics for ATM operators, retailers, consumers, security issues for the new architecture, Next Gen functionality and value-added digital services and combining Next Gen with a migration to Windows 10, and an analysis of relevant technologies like Bluetooth and NFC. The manual includes a Deployer Checklist, the Next Gen ATM Blueprint, Version 1.5 and a NextGen ATM QuickScan Model.

“Next Gen ATMs will be relevant to consumers for another generation,” predicts Mike Lee, CEO of ATMIA. “This new ecosystem will inaugurate an era of innovation not seen since ATMs were invented.”

Members may purchase the paper here for $250. Non-members may purchase the paper here for $650.

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