Avalara Acquires VATLive.com Global Tax Community Website

Avalara, Inc., a leading provider of cloud-based software delivering compliance solutions related to sales tax, VAT and other transactional taxes, announced it has acquired VATLive.com, a leading global online resource for timely tax news, insight, and rate changes.

“VATLive.com provides a wealth of daily information and expert insight on EU and global indirect tax schemes, helping multi-national businesses understand the complexities of cross-border trading,” said Richard Asquith, VP of Global Tax Compliance at Avalara and former administrator of VATLive.com. “This includes country-specific guides on ever-changing tax rates, returns, registrations, and filings from across the world, referenced by thousands of unique visitors every day.”

VATLive.com represents an important acquisition for Avalara as it continues to expand its global reach with well-maintained, accurate tax content to support the world’s merchants with their indirect tax compliance obligations. Avalara already serves the market with its existing TaxRates.com portal, which provides all businesses with a free online tool and downloadable tax rate data to help navigate the complexities of U.S. sales tax.

“VAT and related indirect taxes are the first administration task faced by companies when selling cross-border,” said Scott McFarlane, Avalara Founder and CEO. “VATLive.com supports our goal of helping businesses reduce the risks and simplify the complexities inherent in the process, ensuring businesses around the world can stay focused on their core objectives. We’re pleased to offer VATLive.com as a free online tax resource as Avalara continues to broaden and deepen its compliance solutions worldwide.”

Avalara will maintain and develop VATLive.com to ensure it continues to grow as one of the world’s most reliable tax resources, highlighting thousands of global rates and changes, managed by a dedicated team of tax experts researching rules, regulation and rate changes every day. Today Avalara maintains one of the largest libraries of statutory sales tax and VAT content, enabling tax decisions on millions of products in multiple industries worldwide. In addition to providing manual lookup services, Avalara provides a variety of automated and fully outsourced tax management solutions to thousands of businesses across the globe.

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