Bank of South Pacific Fights Payments Fraud with ACI Worldwide

ACI Worldwide, a leading global provider of electronic payment and banking solutions, announced that Bank of South Pacific Limited (BSP), the largest bank in Papua New Guinea and the South Pacific, has selected the company to power its fraud protection.

As the award-winning BSP continues its regional expansion, it remains singularly committed to its customers, providing a world-class, worry-free experience. In order to deliver on this commitment, BSP is using ACI Proactive Risk Manager for the monitoring of its debit cards and merchants. Proactive Risk Manager provides an added level of protection to BSP’s debit cardholders and merchant customers, alerting the bank’s fraud analysts to any potentially fraudulent transactions and allowing them to more efficiently manage those alerts and, if necessary, block a card or merchant from processing further transactions.

“We are pleased to have implemented Proactive Risk Manager, working seamlessly with the Postilion product, to offer our clients peace of mind when using their BSP cards anytime, anywhere,” said Robert Loggia, Group Chief Operating Officer, BSP.

“Leading financial institutions in the Pacific region have greatly benefitted from ACI’s fraud management capabilities for close to fifteen years, and we’re pleased that BSP, which has long powered its retail payments with ACI’s Postilion technology, has expanded its relationship by deploying Proactive Risk Manager,” said Paul Henaghan, Managing Director, Asia Pacific & Japan, ACI Worldwide. “With fraud on the increase, banks are turning to ACI and Proactive Risk Manager to combat this major issue.”

Postilion users can leverage the fraud prevention and detection capabilities of Proactive Risk Manager with a hassle-free interoperability. Part of the UP Payments Risk Management solution, Proactive Risk Manager is compatible for use with Postilion across its multiple applications: as an issuer’s authorization system, stand-in authorization, merchant acquiring, and transaction routing or terminal driver.

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