BankservAfrica enhances its Cash Service with Intix

BankservAfrica’s Integrated Cash Management System (ICMS) Team introduced an automated transactions monitoring system in March 2022 that will take customer services to the next level.

BankservAfrica has partnered with Intix, a global company providing state-of-the-art technology solutions for institutions to gain a full view of financial transactions across data sources and data formats.

The BankservAfrica ICMS Team are excited to offer this enhancement for improving service levels and response times to ICMS incidents before customers are aware of a problem.

“Due to the high-value transactions and associated settlement risk for processing cash, the ICMS settles in the high value RTGS window that closes at 16:00 daily on weekdays. If something is out of kilter during the day – for reasons such as missed or late input settlement or output clearing files for cash orders – a tool like Intix, which monitors the various ICMS transaction flows, helps us to track the entire process and detect any irregularities. Issues are dealt with almost instantly by the BankservAfrica service and operations teams,” explains Andre.

As a well-managed system, ICMS has not had to deal with major challenges. Intix will maintain this position by keeping the number of negative incidents to a minimum.

“The Intix transaction monitoring service provides another line of defence by ensuring high service level agreements are met. We’re able to continue going the extra mile for our customers by providing the reliability, stability and availability of the ICMS service,” says Andre.

Intix will support BankservAfrica’s service centre and service desk by generating automated email alerts of any system incidents relating to ICMS, thereby eliminating a sizeable portion of manual service monitoring.

“Correlating the automation between the different services at BankservAfrica is extremely important for elevating our customer service levels,” says Andre. “Combined with the Intix system, which integrates the ICMS flow, accurate alerts are generated to improve efficiencies and lighten the burden on staff,” says Andre. He continues: “The focus at BankservAfrica is customer first, and we are doing just that by evolving ICMS to maintain our excellent service standards.”

Plans are in place for Intix to better serve the large volumes of message flows from the BankservAfrica AC/DebiCheck service. Over the years, BankservAfrica has been utilising Intix services to monitor interbank transaction flows and payments files. The Intix dashboards have also brought great value to the BankservAfrica SWIFT Bureau.

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