bebe stores, inc. Identifies and Stops Payment Card Security Incident

bebe stores, inc. announced that the Company recently detected suspicious activity on computers that operate the payment processing system for its stores. In response, the Company immediately engaged a leading computer security firm and worked with them to block the attack from continuing.

Based on its investigation to date, the Company believes the attack was focused on and limited to data from payment cards swiped in its U.S., Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands stores during a short window between November 8, 2014 and November 26, 2014. This data may have included cardholder name, account number, expiration date, and verification code. Purchases made through the Company’s website, mobile site/application, or in Canada, or its international stores were not affected. Customers can feel confident in continuing to use their payment cards in our stores.

bebe wanted to let its customers know about this incident as soon as it could. If a customer used a payment card at a U.S., Puerto Rico or U.S. Virgin Islands store during this time frame, they should review their account statements for any unauthorized activity. If they see any unauthorized charges, they should contact the bank that issued the card. The credit card companies typically guarantee that cardholders will not be responsible for fraudulent charges.

“Our relationship with our customers is of the highest priority and we recognize the importance of protecting their information,” said Jim Wiggett, Chief Executive Officer, bebe. “We moved quickly to block this attack and have taken steps to further enhance our security measures.”

To assist customers who may have been affected by this incident, bebe is offering credit monitoring services for one year at no cost to customers who made a purchase using a payment card at a U.S., Puerto Rico or U.S. Virgin Islands store during that time frame. To obtain enrollment information please call 888-236-0447, Monday through Friday, 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. PST.

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