Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection and MasterCard Team Up to Pay Claims Directly to Debit Cards

Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection (BHTP) and MasterCard announced  at Skift’s Global Travel Forum they have teamed up to drastically cut the time it takes to pay travel-insurance claims.

Traditionally, travel insurance claim payments have been made through online payment systems, EFT transaction or paper check – all of which meant travelers might not receive claim payments for days or weeks. Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection uses MasterCard Send™ to facilitate the payment of claims, typically within seconds, enabling travelers to have funds sent directly to almost any personal account through a U.S. debit card wherever they may travel.

“When you’re facing a travel emergency, there is nothing more concerning than waiting days for payment or wire transfers,” said Dean Sivley, president of Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection. “We are completely alleviating that concern.”

By becoming the first travel insurer to implement MasterCard Send™ into its claims processing system, BHTP is responding to a longstanding consumer frustration with the hassles and delays of travel-insurance claim payments, and reiterating its commitment to a consumer-centric claims-payment approach and an improved travel-insurance experience.

The company uses technology to monitor customers’ travel plans. When certain travel mishaps occur, BHTP can start a claim or provide assistance and pay claims without customers having to do anything. Travelers can use the BHTP mobile app to quickly send any documentation that may be needed, and track the claim payment.

“We are excited to be working with MasterCard to help provide our customers with a new, more convenient way to receive claim payments,” Sivley added. “Our integration with MasterCard illustrates the innovative ways we are changing travel insurance, and our commitment to providing our travelers with the very best claims experience.”

“When the unforeseen occurs, consumers should have the peace of mind knowing they have quick access to their funds. That’s the premise that we’ve built MasterCard Send™ upon and why we believe it makes sense for the travel insurance industry,” said Barbara King, Group Head, Personal Payment Solutions, MasterCard. “The innovative ways businesses like Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection are leveraging our platform to advance their services and improve the consumer’s experience is proof positive that we’ve delivered on our objective.”

BHTP remains committed to being a standout in the travel-insurance industry, delivering the services and solutions that meet customers’ travel needs and reduce their frustrations. In fact, last year, the company launched AirCare, a flight protection insurance policy that pays passengers for air-travel inconveniences like delays, cancellations, extended tarmac delays, lost/delayed baggage and missed connections.

MasterCard Send™ is a first-of-its-kind personal payments service that facilitates the delivery of funds quickly and securely to consumers domestically and internationally. Through a single connection to the MasterCard Send™ platform, businesses, merchants, governments, non-profits, issuers and other senders can send money to consumers whether they are banked or unbanked, and located domestically or abroad. By digitizing personal payments that are typically handled via cash or check, MasterCard is providing greater convenience, choice and security to both payment senders and receivers in developed and developing markets.

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