Capital Banking Solutions and Myriad Connect Announce Partnership to Enhance Digital Services in Africa

Capital Banking Solutions and Myriad Connect are excited to announce a strategic partnership aimed at combining their technologies in an open innovation approach to strengthen digital services in Africa.

This partnership enables the integration of the USSD service as a native channel in CapitalBanker MFI, a digital platform that is both scalable and innovative.

Thanks to this integration, microfinance institutions will now be able to offer the USSD service for microcredit applications and tracking, giving also the possibility of inquiring transactions. This new service will provide users with a simple and efficient interface to manage their financial services through their mobile phone, thus enhancing financial inclusion on the African continent.

Already rich in features, CapitalBanker MFI sees its platform further enhanced through this partnership. Adding the USSD will allow financial institutions to offer an even more comprehensive range of services to their clients.

The USSD service (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) is a mobile communication technology that allows interaction with network operators without requiring an Internet connection. This technology enables real-time information and instructions exchange, providing an accessible and practical solution even in areas with low Internet connectivity.

“This partnership with Myriad Connect strengthens our commitment to innovation and financial inclusion. Integrating the USSD is a key step in offering accessible and practical financial services to a greater number of people in Africa,” said Alain Klat, Head of Sales and Marketing Group at Capital Banking Solutions.

“We are proud to collaborate with Capital Banking Solutions to bring advanced technological solutions tailored to the specific needs of the African market. Together, we facilitate access to financial services for all,” added Ndeye Khady Ndir, Head of Sales and Marketing at Myriad Connect.

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