Cardinal and Zooz Announce Partnership

CardinalCommerce, the global leader and pioneer in the remote payments industry since 1999, and Zooz, an industry-leading payments platform provider, are partnering to offer Cardinal Consumer Authentication (CCA) to the Zooz merchant base.

Zooz enhances enterprise-class retailers’ payment infrastructure, enabling them to process transactions efficiently and flexibly for competitive rates across online and in-store channels. Zooz’s Smart Routing solution provides merchants with the intelligence to identify trends and issues, in order to route payments for increased acceptance rates and reduced costs. By empowering merchants with data intelligence, Zooz enables them to make informed decisions about transaction routing, future integrations, global expansion, and omni-channel commerce, while bolstering the consumer journey.

With CCA, Zooz’s clients will enjoy the same protection for their card-not-present transactions that Cardinal’s Customers have relied on for years. With Cardinal’s collaborative approach, CCA incorporates what the issuer knows about their Customer (KYC) with what the merchant understands about that same consumer, providing a better and richer data set to make decisions to increase authorization yield. In addition to increasing sales, using CCA will improve margins and enhance the consumer experience, allowing merchants to add more revenue and drop the favorable results directly to their bottom line.

“By partnering with Cardinal, we are able to offer our merchants a secure payment solution that meets market requirements while also offering extensive flexibility,” said Vlad Branin, VP Professional Services at Zooz. “They will now be able to decide on a case-by-case basis which consumers require authentication, rather than using a ‘one size fits all’ approach that either enables fraudsters or frustrates honest shoppers with unnecessary extra steps in the checkout process.”

Alasdair Rambaud, SVP of Merchant Services at Cardinal, said, “Cardinal is excited to be able to provide our proprietary Consumer Authentication solution to the Zooz merchant base around the world. With One Connection to Cardinal, we’ll help merchants generate more eCommerce sales, minimize online fraud, deliver an enhanced consumer experience and help FutureProofTM their payment needs.”

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