CardLinx Launches Online System to Connect Merchants, Card-Linked Companies and Digital Publishers

The CardLinx Association announced the availability of a new online system enabling merchants and their card-linked technology partners to share their card-linked offers with digital advertising publishers. Card-linking enables consumers to link their existing credit or debit cards to digital coupons, loyalty programs or mobile wallets. Consumers then simply pay with their registered card or mobile phone and no paper coupon, promo code or QR code is needed to get the discount or loyalty benefit.

As consumer demand for card-linked offers has grown, digital publishers have often found it cumbersome to consistently source high quality merchant card-linked offers. Merchants and retailers have also found it difficult to find the broadest possible audience for their card-linked offers and card-linked loyalty programs. The CardLinx Listing Information Monitor eCenter or “CLIMe” solves these problems by providing a central online platform for merchants and their card-linked technology partners to publish the availability of their card-linked offers to large-scale digital publishers and payment card issuers.

“CLIMe brings card-linked offers and loyalty programs to a wider audience as digital publishers will now be able to easily locate the best merchant card-linked offers to provide to consumers,” said CardLinx President and CEO, Silvio Tavares.

“Consumer awareness and acceptance of card-linked offers is nearing a tipping point and CLIMe is just what the industry needs to increase collaboration among card-linked technology companies, merchants and large scale digital publishers to further accelerate market growth,” added Alex Johnson, senior analyst at Mercator Advisory Group.

The creation of CLIMe is an example of how The CardLinx Association listens to its members and addresses challenges within the card-linking industry with practical standards and solutions that lead to increased growth. The CLIMe “Beta” system will be available to all CardLinx Association members effective October 5, 2015.


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