Cardtronics Launches ALLTM, Merging Cash With Digital Rewards

Cardtronics, Inc., the world’s largest retail ATM owner/operator, is now going beyond connecting consumers with their cash at convenient retail locations. With the launch of the ALLTM Network, Cardtronics introduces cash + digital rewards, with money-saving deals and discounts available immediately at stores hosting an ALLTM.

How does ALLTM work?

  • Get Cash: Consumers can use an ALLTM Network ATM to access their accounts and withdraw cash just the same as with any other ATM. And yet, with a second digital screen atop the ATM – a high-definition monitor displaying in-store discounts and incentives, plus local weather and more – the ALLTM provides a more engaging ATM experience.
  • Get the App: Further distinguishing itself from other ATMs, ALLTM has its own smartphone app. Consumers use the app to take advantage of the digital offers made available uniquely through the ALLTM, as well as to find participating ALLTM locations and retailers. Users can download the free ALLTM app right now from their phone’s app storei.
  • Get Digital Rewards: Move over paper coupons; the ALLTM app facilitates digital deals. Using the app, consumers scan a QR code printed on their ALLTM receipt to unlock the money-saving discounts offered through the ALLTM at that location. Consumers can select as many digital rewards as they care to redeem.
  • Get Instant Reward Gratification: Deals and discounts offered by an ALLTM today are available in-store, right now. Consumers need only pick up the respective product and present the mobile coupons produced by the ALLTM app at the point-of-sale to be scanned and redeemed.

Where to find an ALLTM?

Cardtronics is currently testing promotional content and offers through an ALLTM pilot at 17 Fresh & Easy locations in Phoenix. Cardtronics is the exclusive provider of ATM services for Fresh & Easy, a neighborhood market with locations throughout California, Arizona and Nevada. A wider rollout of ALLTM Network machines is planned for 2015.

Cardtronics Chief Marketing Officer Tom Pierce said:

“The ALLTM is the latest demonstration of Cardtronics’ commitment to innovating ways our ATMs can connect and provide additional value across our multi-audience constituent base. Consumers still get quick and easy access to their cash, but now we’re helping them make the most of that cash by adding exclusive in-store discounts and money-saving offers they can access through their mobile device. At the same time, the ALLTM has the potential to deliver more foot traffic to retailers and help them drive expanded point-of-sale spend by extending offers to those customers seeking cash access at an ATM in their locations.”

Cash-carrying customers remain an important segment for retailers. In fact, cash is the most used retail payment instrument today. Forty percent of all consumer transaction activity – the single largest share – involves cash, according to the Federal Reserve.

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