Is Voice Biometrics in Banking Secure Enough? – iiDENTIFii

Apart from going into a branch, calling a bank feels more human for digital-shy consumers. For many, it is the first port of call for making account changes or moving large sums of money. But how safe is voice banking really, and what are the chances of someone using generative AI to fake a consumer’s

Assisted Self-Service Terminals Are Helping Banks Optimise Their Physical Networks – Datos Insights

Assisted Self-Service Terminals are helping banks optimise their physical networks The number of Assisted Self-Service Terminals (ASSTs) installed both inside and outside branches worldwide continues to see double-digit growth. These devices are instrumental in migrating transactions away from the teller line and extending access both in terms of service hours and geographic reach Banks seek

Futurebank and Paymentology Forge Strategic Partnership to Deliver Instant Issuance and Advance Modernisation Benefits

Open banking and Embedded Finance platform, FutureBank, has announced a partnership with leading global issuer-processor, Paymentology, to provide banks and fintechs with streamlined integration to modern card issuing and processing technology, enabling instant issuance of virtual cards. Paymentology provides banks, fintechs and telcos with the technology to issue and process any type of physical or

European Investment Bank Partners With Central Bank of Kenya to Unlock Climate Finance

The European Investment Bank and the Central Bank of Kenya today launched a new climate finance best practice initiative to strengthen engagement by Kenyan financial institutions to finance climate-related investment, enable commercial banks to mobilize climate finance essential to achieving a net zero economy and strengthening the climate resilience of the Kenyan financial systems. The

Standard Bank Consumer Green Funding of Approaches R3 Billion and Receives International Plaudits

Standard Bank Personal and Private Banking has announced a big increase in its green solution funding today. The bank has led a concerted effort to disburse funds to individuals in South Africa for installing solar solutions or purchasing ‘green-aligned’ homes. Year to date the bank’s consumer green lending book has grown by over 26% to

Direct Transact and FutureBank Partner to Lead the Embedded Finance Market in SA

Direct Transact, the largest independent provider of banking and payment solutions for banks and brands in South Africa, has teamed up with open banking platform and fintech marketplace, FutureBank, to further accelerate its technology platform capabilities. The partnership will facilitate the rapid rollout of embedded finance in Sub-Saharan Africa. Embedded finance is the fintech practice

Passkeys to Bring SA Banking Customers Passwordless, Unphishable Web Browsers – Entersekt

South Africans have become used to excellent in-app security when it comes to banking and other online transactions. Looking ahead, passkey technology will mean we could soon enjoy the same unphishable, biometric-based solution in the browser, boosting consumer confidence and helping foster digital adoption. “As banking apps have become more secure, fraudsters have naturally looked

Who’s Leading the Fintech Pack in Africa? – Ukheshe

The local fintech bubble may have burst, with valuations becoming much lower as investors look for profitability and maturity instead of growth prospects, but there is still a lot of capital available. And for those ahead of the curve, there’s no slowing down, says Clayton Hayward, CEO at Banking as a Service (BaaS) and embedded

For Immediate Release Sathapana Bank Rapidly Launches Mastercard Credit Cards After Migrating to the Way4 Payment Platform

Sathapana Bank has migrated from several disparate CMS and switch systems into a single infrastructure powered by Way4, OpenWay’s best-in-class digital payment software platform. This platform has simplified operations and technical support for the bank’s payments business. The Way4 technology stack, featuring end-to-end online payment processing functionality and a rule-driven, digital-first approach, has enhanced the

MoData Offers Leading-Edge AML Solutions to Thwart Criminals

Anti-Money Laundering (AML) is a critical aspect of financial measures and regulations designed to prevent the illegal generation of income and the conversion of illicit funds into legitimate assets. Money laundering is a global issue that often involves complex networks and schemes that transcend borders, making it difficult to combat effectively. “The impact of money