Citi Joins With Concur to Offer a New, Enhanced Reporting Solution

Citi, the largest global issuer of self-owned and managed corporate cards is the first commercial card issuer to offer an exclusive suite of global, enhanced travel reports via Concur’s TravelTrax platform through a recent agreement with Concur, the leading provider of spend management solutions and services. With this new arrangement, the two industry leaders will offer mutual clients a set of consolidated, global reports delivered by Concur that comprise the client’s Citi, Concur, and Travel Agency data.

Subscribed clients will be able to access card issuer, expense management provider, and travel management agency data, where clients can authorize Concur to receive the data, consolidated into a set of easy-to-read dashboards and drill-down enabled reports. By combining the global data from these core travel program vendors into one series of reports, organizations will gain a more holistic view into their overall travel program activities for improved analysis of their travel program’s purchase behavior, spend patterns, and overall performance.

“We’re excited to partner with Concur, a recognized leader in the industry, to provide these reporting packages to our clients. These enhanced travel reports will not only provide efficiencies for our customers by automating current manual processes, but also enable clients to make key travel program decisions more quickly and with more confidence,” noted Manish Kohli, Citi’s Global Head of Commercial Cards. “This offering is part of Citi’s continued commitment to bring the best global products, partners, and solutions to market for our customers.”

“As a company that shares the same global vision as Concur, and with an equal commitment to innovating to help customers, Citi is an important partner for us,” said Michael Hilton, Executive Vice President and General Manger, Concur Travel and Expense. “Together, we’re giving customers greater visibility into travel program spend and purchasing behavior, and the ability to gather deeper insights into overall performance.”

Citi’s joint Concur offering builds on Citi’s tradition of innovation within the global Commercial Cards arena. In 2011, Citi became the first Commercial Cards issuer in the industry to launch Chip and PIN in the US. The following year, Citi became the first issuer to launch globally consistent SMS and email alerts across 66 countries which are available currently in over 20 languages. Later in 2012, Citi became the first International issuer to launch a Unionpay standard Commercial Card in China. In 2013, Citi became the first provider to launch a global mobile account management site for cardholders and then went on to announce the launch of its award-winning Citi Virtual Card Accounts (VCA) solution in an additional six markets in Asia – India, Malaysia, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand – extending its local-currency issuance capabilities for VCA to more than 40 countries, supporting more than 30 unique currencies.

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