Commerce Bank Provides Free FICO Scores to Commerce Bank Consumer Credit Card Customers on Their Monthly Statements

In an effort to help customers with their financial health, Commerce Bank has begun delivering complimentary FICO Scores to Commerce Bank Consumer Credit Card customers. Beginning immediately, Commerce Bank Consumer Credit Card customers can access their FICO Score on their monthly statement, for free.

“The transparency of credit score information provided by the FICO Score Open Access program is a tremendous benefit for our customers,” said Chad Doza, Senior Vice President of Consumer Credit Cards. “Managing credit is something that our customers take very seriously, and Commerce Bank is excited to assist their efforts by providing free access to FICO Score information on their monthly credit card statements.”

FICO Scores provide a fair and objective evaluation of a customer’s credit history and their likelihood to repay their debt obligations. FICO Scores are a key factor that lenders look at when evaluating loans.

In addition to their credit scores, Commerce Bank Consumer Credit Card customers will have access to the two key factors impacting their score, the bureau that provided the credit report information to generate the FICO score, and a link to Commerce Bank for further education on their credit score.

Providing a free FICO Score is one of the many ways Commerce Bank helps consumers manage their financial responsibility. The company offers a learning center online that includes tips on budgeting and record-keeping, saving for your future, building good credit, borrowing wisely, and buying a car.

In order for a Commerce Bank customer to be eligible for FICO Score Open Access they must have a Commerce Bank Consumer Credit Card, be the sole owner of their account and their account must be in good standing. Joint accounts are not eligible for the FICO Score Open Access program.

FICO is a registered trademark of Fair Issac Corporation in the United States and other countries.

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