Consumer Confidence Increases in Morocco: MasterCard Index

MasterCard has revealed the results of the latest MasterCard Index of Consumer Confidence, which indicates that Consumer Confidence in Morocco has increased to 85.2.

Consumers in Morocco are optimistic about all five indicators measured in the Index. When compared to the previous edition of the survey released six months ago, consumers are more optimistic about Regular Income (92.9 vs. 89.7) and the Stock Market (85.7 vs. 70.3). Consumers also remain very optimistic about Quality of Life (83.6 vs. 87.3), Employment (83.3 vs. 88.9) and Economy (80.6 vs. 87.8), despite a slight decrease in scores when compared to the previous edition of the Index.

The latest findings indicate that male respondents are slightly more optimistic than female respondents about the coming months (85.4 vs. 85.0), and that consumers over the age of 30 years (87.0) are more optimistic than younger respondents (82.5).
“Robust economic growth prospects have helped garner upbeat sentiment among African consumers in the latest survey, and Morocco is no exception. Consumer confidence in the market has remained consistently high for the last couple of years, with respondents placing a strong emphasis on their prospects for regular income,” said Faissal Khdiri, market manager, North & French Speaking Sub-Sahara Africa, MasterCard.

Across Africa, the consumer confidence level is very optimistic at an average of 78.1, up from 69.6 in the previous edition of the index, and this sentiment is reflected across all five indicators. Respondents in Africa are most optimistic about Regular Income (84.9 vs. 83.0 in the previous edition of the index), followed by Stock Market (76.6 vs. 64.6), Employment (77.2 vs. 69.0) Economy (75.9 vs. 65.9) and Quality of Life (75.9 vs. 65.5.)

In Africa, consumer confidence is the highest in Nigeria, with a score of 94.3. Nigeria is followed by Morocco (85.2), Kenya (76.5) and South Africa (56.3).

The MasterCard Index of Consumer Confidence (“Index”) is based on a survey conducted between April 2013 and May 2013 on 12,205 respondents aged 18 – 64 in 27 countries within Asia/Pacific, Middle East and Africa. This is the 41st survey of Consumer Confidence conducted since 1993.

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