Customers Can Exchange Money or Pay Bills While On the Go

The Turkey-based Denizbank is offering more and more customer-friendly services through its network of automated teller machines. The new cash recycling systems made by Wincor Nixdorf even enable customers, including those who do not regularly bank at Denizbank, to exchange euros, U.S. dollars or rubles for Turkish lira or pay their bills in cash.

Last summer, Denizbank placed an order for 150 multifunctional cash recycling systems, which not only dispense deposited cash after performing a forgery check and temporarily storing the funds, but also offer a wide range of banking services. The bank then ordered an additional 150 of these jacks-of-all-trades after seeing how well they perform on the job and hearing positive feedback from customers. All of the ATMs are scheduled to be installed across Turkey by the end of the year. To ensure high availability of the self-services offered by the machines, Wincor Nixdorf will also provide the maintenance.

Thanks to the new systems, bank customers can conduct an array of banking business while on the go. Customers who just want to get some cash can withdraw any total, including odd amounts, up to their personal limit. The systems dispense coins as well as banknotes. Customers and non-customers of the bank can also use the systems to pay bills in cash. A barcode reader automatically records all necessary data – and enables users to decide whether they want to conduct the transaction with cash or through electronic means. The transactions are conducted on user-friendly touch screens.

The cash recycling technology also enables users to avoid long waits at the counter when they want to change money. Ruble, euro or U.S. dollar notes are placed in a cassette after undergoing a counterfeit check, and the system then pays out the current equivalent in banknotes and coins denominated in Turkish lira.
Murat Citak, IT Group Manager of Denizbank, said: “Our experience with the systems that are already in operation at many DenizBank ATMs all over Turkey is very satisfactory. The services we offer at these ATMs include barcode reading user-friendly financial transactions, bill payments, refund of change, and banking and withdrawal of foreign currency. Based on the feedback from our customers, we are very happy and plan to maintain this valuable and well-performing cooperation with Wincor Nixdorf.”

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