Customers Have Inspired Us to Expand so Quickly – Jovago

Jovago’s customers are responsible for the company’s rapid expansion, according to Nigeria managing director Marek Zmyslowski, who told HumanIPO the company has experienced amazing growth in Nigeria and is now looking further afield.

“In order to fulfill the needs of our Nigerian customers travelling abroad and still wanting to use, we have opened offices in Kenya and Senegal, and also in Pakistan. Our customers have inspired us to expand so quickly,” he said.

Even though Jovago is now operating in several other countries, he said Nigeria remains the company’s key and biggest market.

“It is also the most challenging. Every new idea is tested here, once we are happy with the results, we implement them in other markets, adjusting them to the local specifics,” he said.

He said most users of the platform are 25-45 years of age and travelling mostly for business.

“Right now our activities focus also on bringing in corporate travellers, clients travelling for leisure and international travellers,” Zmyslowski said.

He said Jovago has three competitive edges over its contemporaries in the online hotel booking sector.

“Firstly, the personal verification of every signed African hotel ensures that our customers are not surprised when they arrive at the hotel.

“Secondly, it’s the perfect communication we maintain with our partner hotels. This ensures the rooms’ availability, swift service and hassle-free cooperation.

“Last but not least is the level of professionalism of our customer service staff. It has cost me a lot of time and energy to find the best people in the market, and customers love the way they are treated. Every time someone comes up to me to say he or she used Jovago and gives a positive feedback about our call centre – I feel like a proud parent.”

Originally published on Human IPO.

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