New Payment System in Dar es Salaam to Create 200,000 Jobs Next Year

Over 200,000 people are expected to get opportunity to work with Max Com Africa Limited by next year, following the launching of a new payment system named Smart Malipo.

The system will facilitate various bill payments including Luku, Television decoders, Tax payment to TRA and other banking transactions which are currently paid through Max Malipo machines.

Addressing reporters  in Dar es Salaam Max Com’s head of Commercial Department, Deogratius Lazari said the service would be available after the installation of Smart Wakala application from Google play or Max Malipo website.

He said by the use of this application, anyone with access to smart phones can become an agent where they will earn commission on every transaction.

“The aim is to provide a reliable product suiting the unique customer requirements that promise satisfaction at higher levels, offering a flexible platform that allows a broad range of specialty businesses with unique operating requirements to increase efficiency,” he said “The service will reach many Tanzanians including small business person with small capitals who are not able to own max Malipo machines.

“Retailers will be known as Smart Wakala and they will be able t work at any of their availability, as the system is movable due to the fact that everything will be done by mobile phone or tablets,” he explained.

According to him, the company plays a greater role towards the transformation of African economy from cash based to electronic wallet based economy in a line to enhance people’s life style through simplified methodologies of payment.

“As our mission endeavours to enhance people’s lifestyles through open access to electronic payment solutions up to village level, the Smart Malipo will be among the best innovated payment solution from our company,” he affirmed.

Mr Lazari, however, called upon general public in the country to utilise the employment opportunity that has been innovated.

Originally published on DailyNews Tanzania

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