Dashen American Express® International Debit Card Launched

Dashen is the most reputable brand in Ethiopia’s Banking industry, pioneering different forms of digital banking. The bank has registered consistency in terms of delivery of various technological outputs. It was the first bank to introduce card banking to the Ethiopian banking industry. Dashen also works in partnership with renowned international electronic payment brands like American Express, VISA, Mastercard and UnionPay and prominent worldwide money transfer agents such as Western Union, MoneyGram, Express Money, Dahabshiil, Ezremit, Transfast, WorldRemit and Ria.

At this juncture, Dashen Bank is delighted to announce the launch of the out-bound Dashen American Express International Debit Card, in exclusive partnership with American Express. This product significantly benefits overseas travelling customers by enabling them to easily use foreign currency for card transactions when travelling outside of Ethiopia.

Dashen American Express® International Debit Card is highly convenient for prominent customers, international corporations and customers with high FCY inflow, who frequently travel for business to different corners of the world. Customers can access their FCY account to make purchases abroad. In addition to this, cardholders also benefit from cashless transactions, improved safety, a card that is light to carry, no withdrawal limit and access to the global American Express merchant and ATM network. A customer who fulfills the minimum KYC requirements and who is not on the sanctions lists of OFAC, UN and USA is eligible to get the Dashen American Express® International Debit Card.

Asfaw Alemu, CEO of Dashen Bank Sc, said as the payment industry continues to evolve and regulations start to relax, Dashen Bank is always in the upfront to innovate around and deliver quality products to its customers. We are now delighted to announce the launch of Dashen Bank American Express® International Debit Card, which allows Ethiopian travelers to make easy, secure and convenient payments globally. The launch of the card will also avoid the potential risk of carrying physical cash and give our customers a greatest freedom of shopping. The Bank is also delighted to partner with AMEX, one of the reputable brands in the payment industry to co-brand the card with.

James Wainaina, Vice President of Business Development – Africa, for American Express said: “We are delighted to launch the Dashen Bank American Express® International Debit Card. It is important that people in Ethiopia benefit from more convenient and safe payment methods. The international debit product will allow customers to use a card at POS machines when travelling globally, instead of having to make payments using physical cash. This innovation will enhance the experience of people travelling outside of Ethiopia and should also enable customers to make more payments through e-commerce, such as those for hotel bookings and flights. This is another important milestone in our longstanding partnership with Dashen Bank and adds to our existing product portfolio which includes two domestic debit cards.”

Customers can apply for the card at any of the Bank’s branches or Forex Offices where quick delivery awaits them.

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