DataCash and Redecard Launch eCommerce Solution in Brazil

Global payments solution provider, DataCash, a MasterCard company, announced that it is partnering with Redecard to provide E-commerce Redecard, a payment solution for merchants across the entire Brazilian market.

Redecard is a subsidiary of Itaú, the largest bank in Latin America and one of the largest banks globally. Itaú employs over 96,000 people and has businesses across the Americas, Asia, Middle East and Europe. In 2012 Itaú’s net income was around US$7 billion.

DataCash is providing Redecard with its payment gateway to ensure that Redecard’s merchants are able to provide consumers with an efficient and convenient payment experience. DataCash connects multiple suppliers to its payment platform, simplifying the payment process and facilitating interconnections between merchants, issuing banks and Redecard itself.

“We have over a million clients who see us as a synonym for tradition and cutting edge technology in payment methods. We will bring all of this experience to the ‘online world’ to address all of the challenges and demands this market presents”, said Marcelo Kopel, Redecard’s Executive Director.

The product offers advanced connectivity, linking various suppliers in the payment transaction via a single, secure and highly resilient platform. This means that merchants who adopt E-commerce Redecard will benefit from a single system which enables them to accept and process a wide range of payment methods, including both national and international credit and debit cards as well as Boleto Bancário, all backed up with fraud prevention tools and a transaction management system.

“The Brazilian market is one of the world’s most rapidly growing eCommerce markets,” said Ajay Bhalla, president at DataCash. “DataCash’s payment gateway not only meets Redecard’s specific need for a platform that can process payments from multiple sources, but also has the flexibility to up-scale as Redecard further expands its footprint in Brazil. Ultimately this flexibility can be offered to merchants, ensuring they are able to meet the growing demands of the end consumer to transform the digital payments experience.”

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