Desjardins and MasterCard Bring New Payment Options to Canadians

The Desjardins Cash Back MasterCard card will be offered with no annual fee and include up to 1% cash back on sales. The Desjardins Cash Back World MasterCard card will be offered with an annual fee of $50 and include up to 2% cash back. It will also feature Rental Vehicle Collision/Loss Damage Insurance. “We’re giving Desjardins members and clients what they told us they wanted: access to the world’s two leading payment networks, which lets them do business with the vast majority of merchants in Canada and abroad,” said Caroline Lavallée, Director, Desjardins Card and Payment Services. “By offering our members and clients credit cards from two payment networks, one of which is MasterCard, we’re helping them take advantage of the unique benefits of each network and giving them the option to manage all their accounts through a single financial institution.” “This partnership is significant because it brings together two iconic brands with a shared vision of offering Canadians unparalleled acceptance, safety, convenience, and choice,” said Brian Lang, President, MasterCard Canada. “We’re proud to partner with Desjardins, Canada’s leading financial cooperative group, and thrilled to note that with this partnership MasterCard demonstrates that we are a partner of choice for all major banks and financial institutions in Canada.” An association between two market leaders As a technology company in the payments sector, MasterCard offers market-leading payment options on all platforms – from card to mobile to tablet and wearable options – which now become available to Desjardins customers and open a world of possibilities for millions of consumers. As the leading credit card issuer in Quebec, Desjardins has a portfolio of over 5.5 million cards and is proud of its association with MasterCard. Exclusively at Desjardins: Free Mobile Device Insurance Both cards will also include several other services, including a 3-day Travel Insurance, and Mobile Device Insurance. Available exclusively at Desjardins, Mobile Device Insurance covers cardholders up to $1,000, under certain conditions, in the event their cellphone, smartphone or tablet is lost, stolen, accidentally damaged or experiences mechanical failure.]]>

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