Diebold Nixdorf Recognized by RBR as the Global Leader in Total Application and Monitoring Software for the ATM Industry

Company continues to grow its global software presence; delivering expanded transaction capabilities and enhanced user experience

Diebold Nixdorf was recently recognized by strategic research and consulting firm RBR in its “ATM Software 2021” report as the global leader in total ATM application software deployed, with a market share of 27%. Diebold Nixdorf also remains the global leader in total ATM monitoring software deployed, with a market share of 22%, and is the largest provider of multivendor software applications in North America.

The ability to effectively monitor and manage ATMs has become even more critical as COVID-19 restrictions limit branch access and drive critical financial transactions to self-service. According to RBR, banks globally have increased their investment in advanced ATM software as part of their wider self-service strategy to help boost the user experience and functionality of their fleet to provide more transactions.

Tom Hutchings, Director,  at RBR said: “Banks are unifying customer propositions, making the ATM interface and transaction flow match internet and mobile banking. Similarly, expanding CRM and personalisation capabilities to the ATM allows them to capitalise on millions of interactions every year. Finally, support for mobile wallets, contactless cards, QR-codes and e-receipts reflect wider changes in consumer behaviour. Modern ATM software enables these new capabilities, and thus plays a crucial role in future-proofing the channel.”

Intelligent software enables financial institutions to offer their customers a variety of services that are integrated perfectly into their omnichannel consumer journeys and CRM systems. As branch transformation projects continue to shift transactions to self-service systems and away from the teller, greater system functionality is required resulting in higher demands on the software.

Manish Choudhary, senior vice president, Software, at Diebold Nixdorf said: “We are very excited about the growing interest in advanced software capabilities for the self-service channel, especially given the various solutions we provide in our VynamicTM suite. In addition, we are increasing our investment in our cloud native Vynamic Payments software to help banks address new payment types and reduce the cost of legacy payment platforms. We will continue working aggressively to broaden our global software offerings and capabilities in both the Banking and Retail segments.”

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