Discovery Bank Partners Local Fintech to Offer Advanced Online Financial Education

Just over four out of five (82%) South African consumers indicated in a recent survey that their household income has been negatively impacted by Covid-19. In addition, 84% of these consumers are concerned about their ability to pay bills and loans, while 31% expect to run short within one month.

To tackle these frightening statistics and this urgent national challenge, local fintech Cumulate has partnered with Discovery Bank to launch Worth, a financial education platform that seeks to transform lives through dynamic online learning.

“Worth is Discovery Bank’s financial education partner, and we’ve relished working with the Discovery team as they build the world’s first shared-value bank,” says Gary Kayle, CEO at Worth. “We have witnessed first-hand how compelling financial education can radically change lives for the better. We boost financial knowledge and build wealth that lasts.”

As with Discovery Vitality, members who can go to gym for a reduced rate and also earn fitness points, Discovery Bank clients with Vitality Money are able to access Worth online courses – Wealthy Me™ or Wealthy Couples™ – at a heavily discounted rate (Discovery Bank clients pay R399 and non-Discovery Bank clients pay R4 999), whilst simultaneously improving their financial fitness.

How the courses work

Worth offers powerful and informative online courses that teach individuals how to regain control and to manage their money more effectively. The courses provide practical ways of helping people to master their finances and tackle dangerously spiralling debt. With a time investment of just six hours over 60 days, learners can alter their financial future and begin to plan for a more prosperous and peaceful way of life.

Philippa Crichton who completed the Wealthy Me course as a Discovery Bank learner said, “I have had my own business for 33 years but was never able to save. Somehow, I never really got out of debt. When I realised I could actually clear that debt, it was easy. The Worth course is so simple to follow. I would recommend it to everybody, and the younger you do it, the better. If you have debt, or even if you have a lot of investments, you will still get something out of it.”

Notes Hayley Parry, co-founder and chief education officer at Worth, “We know that many South Africans have struggled to take care of their financial wellness because of the pandemic. The courses we offer help to improve cashflow, get debt under control, and build lasting wealth regardless of your starting point.

“We are confident that Worth can empower South Africans to change their approach to finances which has historically been characterised by an absence of accessible financial education.

“Through the courses offered by Worth and the strategic incentives provided through Discovery, we look forward to seeing individuals and families embracing financial knowledge and ultimately financial wellbeing.”

Worth is a gold member of AlphaCode, Rand Merchant Investments (RMI) incubation, acceleration and investment initiative that identifies, partners and grows early-stage financial service ventures.

Head of AlphaCode, Dominique Collett, says: “Cumulate and Worth are examples of fintech businesses solving a real pain point for South African consumers who have extraordinarily high debt levels. The partnership with Discovery Bank also highlights the importance of banks working together with fintechs. By bringing together the innovative approach by Worth, and the trust and distribution offered by Discovery, customers ultimately win.”

Cumulate has recently been selected for Endeavor’s Local Scale Up programme which is expediting the local and international growth of successful high-impact businesses. These are primarily tech-enabled businesses, built by experienced entrepreneurs, which scale quickly and outperform their peers, driving revenue growth and creating jobs.

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