Ecobank Ranked One of the Top African Banking Brands

Ecobank Transnational Incorporated has been declared the most valuable brand in Africa – outside South Africa – in the annual ranking of the global banking and financial magazine ‘The Banker’ in its special edition Brand Finance Banking 500 of February 2014.

Present in more African countries than any other bank in the world, Ecobank has successfully taken advantage of its unparalleled footprint to increase its brand value of 15% in one year. The ranking which was recently made public estimates the value of the brand to USD $ 243 million and boosts the Group to the 367th place in the top 500 most valuable brands in the global banking industry, a jump of 32 places from last year.

According to The Banker / Brand Finance Banking 500, if such performance is sustained, Ecobank could soon start to challenge the South African banks in the ranking of the top five brands with strong value on the African continent. The Banker is part of the London based ‘Financial Times”.

Thierry Tanoh, Group Chief Executive Officer said:

“Our understanding of Africa’s cultural diversity, our deep attachment to the values of pan-Africanism, and our ability to innovate contribute to our alignment on topical market issues and to respond satisfactorily to the aspirations of the African peoples regarding banking products and services. This award confirms that we remain a landmark for African businesses and individuals alike. ”

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