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evriPay brings Double Secure eCommerce to Kenya

evriPay, the African based merchant account provider, announced that it’s eCommerce services are now available to online merchants in Kenya.

evriPay will allow Kenyan online merchants to accept Visa and MasterCard payments from anywhere in the world on their websites. Every transaction will require 3D Secure authentication and then also be vetted by the CyberSource Fraud Management system . This service performs over 200 checks on each transaction. The CyberSource Fraud Management service is also a first for Kenyan eCommerce.

Increasing the “peace of mind” for merchants and their customers is the fact that evriPay claims to be the only provider of merchant services in Kenya that uses a PCI-DSS Level One certified data centre to protect card data.

Besides the “best of breed” security provided by the evriPay service, merchants will also be able to accept Visa and MasterCard payments immediately after they have completed the online form. They can literally sell and accept payments internationally within minutes. Merchants will also notice that there are no fees required for signing up. Merchant accounts can be opened immediately at www.evriPay.com

Currently there are two ecommerce products available, “Express” for use on websites, and “PayMi” (pronounced “pay me”) which is an electronic invoice. “Express” is easy to integrate into a website and has been designed to meet the requirements of new and start-up companies. Although not requiring great skills for implementation, the product meets all international security requirements. “PayMi” is a great product that can be used for ecommerce payments without a website. Primarily designed for businesses and entrepreneurs that need to invoice customers, this product essentially creates a one time website with credit card payment facilities built in. Typical users include freelancers and tour operators.

For websites using popular international shopping baskets, evriPay has plug-ins for Magento and OScommerce.

“We fundamentally understand that entrepreneurs, new and small businesses are new at this game. They generally do not have a lot of experience in payments yet. To assist them we have a Support Team that can be contacted by phone, email, Skype and Twitter,” says CEO Barry Coetzee. “With the advent of m-commerce (commerce on mobile devices) and with ecommerce growing at phenomenal rates, evriPay is really positioning itself to be the secure payment solution provider of choice for entrepreneurs, new and small businesses.”

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