I-conférences and MasterCard Organise Cartes Afrique

I-conférences and MasterCard announced their consecutive fifth year collaboration for the Cartes Afrique forum, a prominent industry event that witnessed strong participation from the electronic banking, digital security, cards, payments and contactless technology communities. The eighth edition of the forum took place at the Kenzi Hotel Menara Palace, Marrakesh on 25th and 26th April 2013, and focused on financial inclusion through electronic payments.

Cartes Afrique is a two day event organized by I-conférences in partnership with MasterCard, the regional monetary centers CMI, Gim Uemoa, Gimtel, SMT and Sarrafa. The 2013 edition of Cartes Afrique focused on the new payment methods related to financial inclusion, ranging from innovations and the latest trends in card technologies to prepaid solutions.

“Financial inclusion for all throughout the Middle East and Africa is a strong focus for MasterCard, and we are delighted to support the Cartes Afrique forum for the fifth consecutive year. We believe that everyone should have an opportunity to participate in the global economy and have access to formal banking products. Electronic payments play a crucial role in bringing financial services to consumers who have previously not been a part of this community,” said Faissal Khdiri, Market Manager, North and French Speaking Sub-Sahara Africa, MasterCard.

The event featured an executive roundtable on the impact of payment methods on financial inclusion, keynote speeches and panel sessions on mobile financial services and prepaid cards as catalysts for financial inclusion and a range of workshops.

MasterCard was represented by Brian Lang, Senior Vice-President, Market Development, MEA and Peter Schultz, Vice President, Mobile Payments, MEA.

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