FIME Terminal Integration Services and Tools Updated to Align with MasterCard M-TIP 2.0

Following MasterCard’s release of its terminal integration process (M-TIP) specification, version 2.0, FIME has updated its services and test tools offer to align with MasterCard’s latest test methodology. MasterCard requires acquiring banks to perform successful M-TIP testing before a new payment terminal can be deployed. Acquirers can verify if contact and contactless payment
implementations comply with the latest MasterCard requirements, using FIME’s formal approval services, technical support and qualified test tools.

Importantly, M-TIP 2.0 brings the Test Selection Engine (TSE) that allows certification of dual-interface terminals through a single test plan. Acquirers now have three different certification project options: contact, contactless and dual interface. To support the change FIME has introduced an M-TIP DualInterface service, specifically for implementations that accept both contact and contactless payments. At the same time M-TIP Contact and M-TIP Contactless services for single interface implementations are
also offered.

Additionally, FIME offers technical support services for integration testing. These services ensure that acquirer projects are completed smoothly, on time, and may be offered either on-site or remotely. “Deployments of mobile and contactless payment solutions are accelerating,” comments Stuart Miller, Bank Products and Services Business Line Manager at FIME. “As a result, we have restructured our technical consulting, automated test tools and certification services to simplify the terminal certification process and offer the speed, EMV expertise and flexibility required by the market. We believe our onestop solution for acquirer certification projects will maintain FIME as the first choice for acquirers around the world.”

The automated SAVVI test platform is compliant to M-TIP 2.0. It is the only multi-brand tool available in the market to support physical test cards and softcards, increasing flexibility and options for acquiring banks and system integrators. It streamlines the certification process with automated testing, analysis and report generation.

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