First CBDC Cards: What Technology Issuing And Acquiring Banks Use – OpenWay

Eurasia’s first CBDC cards, recently launched in Kazakhstan, have provided 20 million consumers with a convenient, tangible way to manage their funds in CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency). Today, plastic cards in the digital tenge currency are used for both in-store and e-commerce purchases and are accepted globally through the Mastercard and Visa networks.

The National Bank of Kazakhstan has strategically selected partners for its CBDC project, including banks running the innovative Way4 digital payments software system. Read OpenWay’s case study to learn:

  • Why it took only 6 weeks for some banks to start issuing and acquiring CBDC cards
  • Which CBDC use cases are popular in Kazakhstan and how banks are differentiating their CBDC offerings
  • How the project’s stakeholders selected the technology for the digital tenge infrastructure
  • Which non-card CBDC initiatives are strengthening Kazakhstan’s position on the international economic stage


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