FIS Global Partners with ARM Insight to Provide BI to Prepaid Card Issuers

ARM Insight, Inc., a provider of transactional analytics and business intelligence for the prepaid debit card industry, announced that it has signed a reseller agreement with FIS Global. The reseller agreement allows FIS Global to market ARM’s Prepaid Management Platform (PMP), to bring advanced analytics capabilities to banks and other financial institutions on its FIS “North” processing platform. ARM’s PMP consists of management dashboards, program analytics, and process automation features, which enable financial institutions to improve financial performance, optimize operations, and automate compliance reporting.

Branded “FIS Premium Analytics, powered by ARM,” the platform enables prepaid debit card issuers to better understand their portfolio performance and profitability, track hierarchical performance, segment and download raw transaction data, and automate compliance requirements such as suspicious activity reporting and negative balance management. ARM’s platform is already integrated with the FIS North data structure, and has been in use at a variety of issuers including TFG Card Solutions, Republic Bancorp and Catalina Card Services.

“We have been using ARM’s Premium Analytics for years, and we’re excited to hear FIS and ARM have developed a strategic partnership. This partnership enables FIS to take management analytics to the next level. ARM’s platform turns FIS transactional data into valuable management information, allowing us to run our business more efficiently. Premium Analytics directly improves our bottom line, by providing detailed visibility into our finances, operations, and compliance,” said Burke Rice, Executive Vice President, TFG Card Solutions, Inc.

“This partnership represents a significant opportunity for FIS and ARM to bring a level of insight and business intelligence not previously available to prepaid issuers,” said Randy Koch, President of ARM Insight. “Simply put, FIS Premium Analytics allows issuers to run their programs more profitably, establish and meet compliance standards, and in general, run a better business.”

Premium Analytics is equipped with an intuitive user interface and flexible infrastructure for customized reporting and scalability. Utilizing modern web architectures, Premium Analytics is mobile optimized and can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Furthermore, Custom reports can be generated quickly and easily.

With FIS Premium Analytics, banks and program managers can spend more time on improving financial performance, marketing, and customer service, and less time on software development and report building.

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