FreedomPay Showcases Payments Platform as a Service to Banking Industry

FreedomPay, the creator of the world’s most innovative commerce platform, joins Microsoft at SIBOS 2013 to introduce payments platform as a service. This cloud-based payments and incentives solution takes advantage of the FreedomPay Commerce Platform to deliver mobile payments, offers, digital wallet and commerce solutions with banking-grade security through an alliance with Microsoft.

“Our banks have become virtually faceless to us. Just a logo on a card. FreedomPay brings a solution to the table that can not only give banks a face to their customers, but also one that the customer sees as a true value,” commented Rodney Bowen-Wright, Chief Business Development Officer of FreedomPay. “Imagine if your bank could send you truly relevant offers. Great, real-time discounts at your favourite restaurant, loyalty points for using your new debit card, or suggestions on places to buy the items you’re already buying for better prices. That’s your bank bringing real value to you on your mobile device, on a Web site, or through any number of other marketing methods. So much more than a logo on a card.”

“In the past, the payments business was very transactional. Today, social and mobile connectivity means banks must now treat the payments business as an information business to fend off competition,” said Karen Cone, General Manager of Worldwide Financial Services at Microsoft. “The heart of this is the use of advanced payments data analytics, brought to life by a connected mobile device experience. The FreedomPay Commerce Platform delivers innovative payment and mobile wallet solutions on Windows Azure and Windows Phone.”

As a strategic payments and commerce solution partner of Microsoft, FreedomPay enables real-time payment transactions combined with robust incorporation of data analytics, and a digital wallet solution available on major mobile operating systems to give financial institutions a payments platform for the future. The FreedomPay Commerce Platform includes mobile payments and incentive technologies that work with live POS systems, a state-of-the-art gateway that transmits exceedingly detailed transaction data, and rigorous security tools.

An integrated platform approach is the key to unlocking the true potential of the payments business and transforming it into an information business to improve bank customer loyalty and payments revenue growth. “Offered on the Microsoft Windows Azure cloud platform and taking advantage of the big data analytics capabilities of Microsoft SQL Server, the platform enables banks to offer their business customers a white-labelled solution to improve their sales, customer loyalty and incentive effectiveness,” said Colin Kerr, Industry Solutions Director, Worldwide Financial Services at Microsoft. “By completing the commerce link between retail and business customers, banks of all sizes can incent their retail customers to shop with incentives at their business customers, thereby adding mutual value.”

Banks and financial institutions that wish to learn more about the FreedomPay Commerce Platform and the benefits it provides are invited to visit FreedomPay in the Microsoft booth (D108) at SIBOS Dubai for live demonstrations.

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