GenAI in Digital Payments: How to Maximize the Benefits? – OpenWay

Financial institutions in EMEA, APAC, and USA agree on the two common barriers to the full potential of GenAI: “too much complex infrastructure” and “data quality and access”. However, both barriers are eliminated for companies that can integrate GenAI with their data-richreal-time payments processing platform like OpenWay’s Way4.

Nexi, the pan-European acquirer serving two million merchants, is positive that GenAI is enhancing the shopper experience. LOTTE Group, a leading consumer finance brand in South-East Asia, has made GenAI one of its investment priorities for 2024. Based on the best practices of these and other clients, OpenWay’s new case study reveals:

  • What data GenAI needs from a payment processing system and why

  • How the 24/7 online front- and back-office can help GenAI to hyper-personalize the customer experience

  • Four use cases that increase revenue and optimize costs in GenAI-powered digital payments


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