Navigating the Payment Trends of 2024 – Stanchion Payment Solutions

Stanchion Payment Solutions is entering its 23rd year, evolving its role to bridge the gap between existing technology capabilities and the market demand for digital transformation. Their expertise lies in providing technical skills around payment switches and card-management platforms, leveraging a global network of experts.

Stanchion’s strategy focuses on enabling agile change on core tech stacks, offering propositions from advanced analytics and insights, reducing costs through fraud and risk management, and providing efficient services from payment operations teams. They believe in the importance of delivering customer relevance through experiences, which requires augmenting existing payment operations teams with enhanced monitoring tools and skills.

Their product, Verto, a payment fabric solution, is designed to solve cumbersome problems banks face in innovation and offers an efficient way to enable a modern payment hub. Stanchion’s focus areas for 2024 include enhancing card issuing capabilities and offering augmented monitoring and automation tools to payment operations teams.

Stanchion’s thought leadership position is evident in their deep technical knowledge, integration heritage, multi-region breadth of customers and teams, and augmented service offerings. They are committed to providing insights and solutions that align with the evolving payments landscape, as highlighted in their upcoming series of articles summarizing key reports from major payment consulting firms.

To read more about Stanchion’s insights and the upcoming series of articles, visit their website or contact them directly for access to the full reports.

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