How Payment Processors Catch Digital White Rabbits

Neobanks and fintechs act very similarly to the White Rabbit from Wonderland. Soon after entering the scene, they start falling down the rabbit hole of payment innovations, user expectations and rigid time-to-market. Also, they are very picky when choosing a travelling companion. Alice had to try many potions and tricks to fit herself to a changing environment, open new doors, and find strategic partners – all to keep up with the White Rabbit. She would be a good role model for a payment processor trying to get the attention of neobanks!

What does a modern processor need from a payment platform and vendor to meet the requirements of digital banks? OpenWay’s paper illustrates the technological and business factors that lead to success in the processor’s Wonderland of Digital Payments.

  • How to create the right payment processing landscape and not waste time on painting white roses red
  • Can you measure a vendor’s agility and resilience? Does it even matter?
  • 3-4 months for onboarding a new bank – truth or fairy tale?
  • Unified front- and back-office, and 24/7 access to transaction history and customer data: the key to many doors

Access the report here

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