Identive Collaborates with Singapore’s Transport Authority on New Smart Paper Tickets

Identive Group, Inc. has collaborated with the Land Transport Authority (LTA) in Singapore to design new smart chip-based transit tickets for the Southeast Asian country’s extensive rail network. TransitLink, as the LTA administrator, has awarded Identive a three-year contract valued at $3.9 million to supply the tickets, which include near field communication (NFC) chips from Infineon Technologies AG.

“This project demonstrates Identive’s commitment to leveraging our unique expertise to create smart transit credentials,” said Dr. Manfred Mueller, executive vice president and COO, Identification Products for Identive. “The convenience of contactless tickets positions the market for explosive growth. The gating factor has been authorities’ and agencies’ confidence in the security of ticket readers and payment. Identive provides a proven solution as smart transit tickets are a core competency. We are confident our collaboration with LTA will ensure the new NFC tickets work within the country’s transit infrastructure to help move Singapore’s five million citizens and tourists efficiently and with ease.”

Identive’s end to end capabilities make it a one-stop shop able to tag, code, lock and print transit tickets for LTA. In the last two and a half years, Identive has quadrupled production capacity in Singapore to address a growing global market for contactless tickets for transport.

Identive custom engineered a fanfold construction for the new paper tickets that delivers exceptional durability, from issuance through multiple trips within the transit network. The contactless technology embedded in the tickets facilitates rapid processing through automated fare gates at transit stations throughout Singapore. The smart transit tickets, each with its own unique identifier and intelligence, incorporate my-d™ move NFC chips from Infineon with 152 bytes EEPROM and 128 bytes user memory in accordance with ISO/IEC 14443 and NFC ForumTM Type 2 Tag standards. Identive embeds the chips within an aluminium-etched antenna on a PET inlay that is optimized for performance within Singapore’s rail transit environment, providing a 10 cm read range to enhance ease of use for commuters.

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