INSIDE Secure Announces Participation in Entrust Datacard’s Card Validation Program for Smart Cards

INSIDE Secure, a leader in embedded security solutions for mobile and connected devices, announced that they have entered into an agreement with Entrust Datacard to participate in their Card Validation Program (CVP).

As smart cards are subjected to various processes prior to issuance, issuers want assurance that they will not encounter problems that could slow down operations or result in unanticipated costs during chip personalization or other card issuance processes. Through the CVP program, INSIDE will validate the compatibility of its EMV smart cards with Datacard personalization solutions prior to full implementation and thereby eliminate these concerns for customers.

“INSIDE is committed to delivering cost-effective and easy-to-implement payment solutions that the market needs,” said Bernard Vian, executive vice president of the Secure Transactions Business Division. “Our partnership with Entrust Datacard and participation in the CVP program demonstrates this commitment by not only validating that our chips work well with Datacard solutions, but also providing our customers peace of mind knowing that their investment is tested and proven before production of their customers’ cards begins.”

Through this program, INSIDE has pre-personalization and personalization scripts ready for its VISA and MASTERCARD certified MicroPass 2323 contact chip, for both Debit and Credit configuration profiles. Vian continued, “Thanks to our award winning MicroPass technology, we deliver optimal performance during chip pre-personalization and personalization processes to the issuers, resulting in significant savings in production costs when compared with other competitive products. By implementing EMV Card Personalization Specification standards, INSIDE gives personalization bureaus full interoperability with other native and JAVA products in addition to first in class performance.”

“We are excited to be working with INSIDE,” said Jeff Davison, vice president of global solutions and professional services for Entrust Datacard. “Given the complexity and secure design of smart cards – it’s imperative that card manufacturers and suppliers ensure that their cards are working with personalization systems on the market today and the CVP program provides that verification.”

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