iVeri Celebrates the First Year of Their mPress MPos Product

One year ago, in November 2012 iVeri announced the launch of mPress, a comprehensive MPos product for Financial Institutions. When MPress was deployed by a customer in February 2013 it was the first MPos deployement in Africa and one of the first worldwide.

The team at iVeri are very proud that one year after the launch, in Africa, iVeri’s Mpress is live, certified, deployed and the undisputed leader in the field.

This last year has been impressive for Mpress:

· MPress is fully certified for EMV and PCTS
· MPress is deployed with a major African bank
· MPress is certified as Visa Ready for MPos
· MPress is certified as meeting MasterCard Best Practices

With more iVeri customers already signed up with iVeri for MPress, the next couple of months will see further deployment of mPress product to merchants across Africa.

The next year will see a raft of innovation for MPress to service the growing MPos market segment.

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