iVeri Releases DiVert a Secure Payment Option for Call Centres

iVeri Payment Technologies has announced the release of DiVert, a new payment solution specifically developed for call centres.

DiVert is a specialised payment solution which allows call centre agents to send payment requests, in real time, so that card payments can be actioned during their interaction with customers. This has three important benefits for the call centre:

– Firstly, the transaction is confirmed (or not) during the interaction with a customer which reduces the costs incurred by further interactions and follow ups,
– Secondly, the transaction is 3D Secure authenticated which increases the security for the cardholder and reduces the chargeback risk to the call centre, and
– Thirdly, the call centre is never exposed to the card data and therefore risks and compliance issues (PCI-DSS) are reduced.

During the transaction interaction with the customer, the call centre operator obtains the customer’s email address and immediately sends them a request for payment via email.

Once the customer receives the email, they open a secure one-time payment page. The customer enters and submits their credit card details to complete the transaction.

Both the call centre as well as the customer will receive emails confirming the result of the transaction.

According to iVeri CEO, Barry Coetzee, “Changing regulations around data security have plunged Call Centres into a compliance dilemma. We have created DiVert to start to address these issues. As time, and regulations, evolve, we will continue to assist the Call Centre industry using our experience in payments.”

DiVert is immediately available from all Banks using the iVeri Payment Gateway.

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