iVeri’s mPress (MPOS Solution) is Now Available for BlackBerry

Version 1.2 of MPress, iVeri’s MPos solution is now available in BlackBerry World.

This means that iVeri now has MPos apps for Android, Apple and BlackBerry. For iVeri customers this increases the potential pool of merchants which can be serviced. The App is compatible with all BlackBerrys running operating systems from 5 to 7.

Development is continuing at a very rapid pace. iVeri are  looking at releasing a version for BlackBerry 10 before the end of the year.

mPress is the first live EMV ‘CHIP & PIN’ certified mobile point-of-sale (POS) solution in Africa. Businesses are able process debit and credit card transactions by using their mobile device connected to a secure card reader.

mPress can be used by any business that wishes to accept card payments securely without access to a fixed data or telephone line or where low frequency of card acceptance does not warrant the higher rental cost of a traditional POS device.

The solution comes in the form of two different secure card readers. The first is a small device with a secure PIN pad that requires the merchant to capture an email address into the smartphone application and, on acceptance of the transaction amount, sends a digital receipt to the captured email address. The second, alternative, device provides the ability to print out a physical receipt, much like in the case of a traditional POS. Both card reader devices have a secure PIN pad for PIN entry and utilise Bluetooth technology to connect to the smartphone.

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