Kazang Partners With Masifunde to Boost Skills Development and Job Opportunities for Disadvantaged Youth

Kazang, the micro-merchant division of JSE-listed fintech company Lesaka Technologies, has partnered with Masifunde Training and Development to provide employment opportunities for disadvantaged youth and contribute to the development of South Africa’s future workforce. This collaboration aims to empower young individuals from underprivileged backgrounds by equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in the job market.

Masifunde Training and Development is a female-owned organisation that aims to empower youth and spark socioeconomic development through skills development. Founded in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2021, the organisation has assisted over 300 individuals in successfully completing skills training programs and internships, thereby enhancing their employability.

Since inception, Masifunde has effectively delivered training interventions within the IT sector through the MICT SETA and within the Business Process and Outsourcing (BPO) sector through the Services SETA. Kazang decided to step up as a partner in the learning programme in line with its own focus on empowering the youth and contributing towards skills development.

In 2023, Kazang provided a six-month work experience opportunity for 10 Masifunde learners. Throughout this period, the learners gained practical experience in various departments of Kazang’s business to fulfill the requirements of their qualifications. As a result, half of these learners have since transitioned into full-time positions within Kazang.

“With most of our merchants operating in townships, rural areas and other marginalised areas, job creation and economic growth in these communities is close to our hearts,” says Robyn Anderson, project manager in Kazang’s business development department. “We admired the work that Masifunde does and embraced the opportunity to be part of its programme.

“The model that Masifunde has developed is a great way to help young people not only build up skills needed in the South African job market, but also to build workplace experience that helps make them even more attractive to employers. We see this as a scalable approach and are excited to explore expanding our relationship with Masifunde in the years to come.”

Lazola Magwaxaza, founder of Masifunde Training & Development, says that there are many young people from disadvantaged backgrounds who can’t access tertiary education because of the costs or a need to earn income to support their families. Masifunde has created an approach with a heavy focus on practical experience to create impactful opportunities for such talent.

Partnerships with companies such as Kazang are key in making learning programmes scalable and effective. “We believe that investing in people is the key to building a better future for all. We offer a range of training and development programs tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual and organisation we work with,” says Magwaxaza.

For 29-year-old Liya Magadlela from Nyanga, a learnership at Kazang turned into an opportunity to pursue her dream of a career in IT. She applied for a training opportunity with Masifunde after seeing an ad on Facebook, then joined Kazang as an intern in November 2023. Six months later, she could choose between two permanent job opportunities.

Magadlela says: “At Kazang, I received guidance and inspiration from an internship manager who shared a similar career background to me. I’m excited to have taken up a role as a junior rewards administrator with Kazang—my experience shows that young people who remain hopeful, pursue their goals and keep focused will be rewarded.”

Bonginkosi Ngwane, a 21-year-old from Khayelitsha, recently joined Kazang to work on development and design of the rewards app for merchants. Ngwane secured the role after impressing during the internship programme. “I faced financial challenges that resulted in incomplete studies,” says Ngwane.

“The learnership and internship—and the mentoring I received on the programme—were transformative, providing me with practical skills, confidence, and a clear career path. I’m looking forward to growing with the company, continually refining my technical skills and advancing in the ICT industry.”

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