KBC Bank First to Issue MasterPass in Ireland

KBC Bank are delighted to announce they are Ireland’s first card issuer to offer the MasterPass digital payment solution and it is now available for customers to use.

Customers who use the solution will be able to buy goods, or pay for services, at a diverse range of online sites around the world. MasterPass is widely available in the UK and there are many more Irish retailers due to start accepting it in early 2016. The solution has a range of benefits for the busy, always-connected, smartphone-carrying and frequent online shopper:

  • It enables consumers to pay for shopping with any enrolled payment card, online using any device anywhere you see “buy with MasterPass logo”.
  • Consumers can securely store MasterCard and any other branded credit, debit and prepaid card information, as well as certain private label and loyalty cards, along with shipping addresses, all in one place, so that they can be easily accessed during checkout
  • It eliminates the need to enter detailed payment and shipping information with every purchase, and simplifies the process of completing a transaction from any connected device

Eddie Dillon, Director of Retail Products KBC Bank Ireland, said: “At KBC Bank we have a strong focus on providing customers with a digital experience that makes personal banking easy, intuitive and secure on the go. Consumers are continuing to move away from cash transactions, and we are now the first retail bank in Ireland to offer MasterPass technology to our customers. It means that KBC customers can now pay for goods and services online in a more convenient, simplified way while still knowing that their details are secure with MasterCard. This feature, along with the recent increased limit of €30 for contactless payments, is a clear indication of Ireland moving towards an increasingly cashless society. I am confident that MasterPass will be a very popular feature with current account users and another great reason for new customers to switch to KBC.”

Jason Lalor, General Manager for MasterCard Ireland, commented: “KBC customers will have the convenience and security of using the MasterPass service at many online businesses. Together, MasterCard and KBC are offering a real alternative to consumers when paying online, removing the need to always input card details, which is a particular pain point for consumers shopping online with their smartphone. Many consumers prefer the reassurance and ease of dealing direct with their own bank particularly when embracing digital payments, so our focus is to offer MasterPass through multiple card issuers, helping them innovate and deliver great experiences to their customers.”

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