KefKefk Partners with SLA Mobile to bring Direct Operator Billing to Customers

KefKefk, a leading VAS provider in the MENA region, has partnered with SLA Mobile to deliver Direct Operator Billing capabilities to their customers. KefKefk has one of the largest localised mobile content libraries in the MENA region, offering a range of mobile applications and digital services. They have operations in 16 countries with access to over 3 million customers, providing unique branded value-added services.

“At SLA Mobile we are committed to providing Mobile Operators with a wide range of local and international content that their subscribers can consume via Direct Operator Billing. Partnering with KefKefk ensures that Middle Eastern Mobile Operators like Zain have access to a vast range of localised mobile content.” said Amelia Power, Head of Sales and Marketing at SLA Mobile.

Direct Operator Billing allows mobile operator subscribers to pay for digital content using their mobile phone number. The transaction is added to the subscriber’s monthly bill or deducted from their prepaid credit. Direct Operator Billing is one of the safest online payment methods as there is no need for credit card or bank account information.

Laith Shrouf, the General Manager of KefKefk commented, “Implementing Direct Operator Billing through SLA Mobile gives KefKefk an opportunity to reach new customers who would previously not have been able to purchase content as they did not have credit or debit card details. This gives us the ability drive new revenue streams for the company and provides our customers with a better online experience.”

SLA Mobile will initially connect KefKefk to Zain subscribers with future operator roll-outs in the future.

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