Kenya’s Prepaid Electricity Users Prefer Paying with Mobile Money

More than 70% of prepaid electricity users prefer to use their mobile phones to buy electricity tokens than any other outlet, a survey conducted by Kenya Power has revealed.

M-Pesa is the most popular facility accounting for 95% of all mobile based prepaid purchases. Kenya Power currently has 340,000 customers on prepaid metering system.

The Company’s Chief Engineer in charge of Prepaid Metering, Eng. John Wekesa, said customers have always shown their preference for M-Pesa and other mobile money services such as Airtel Money to purchase tokens since the initiation of the prepaid metering project four years ago.

He said approximately 25% of prepaid customers prefer to use third party vendors and supermarket outlets, and about 5% make their purchases from the Kenya Power banking halls every month.

Eng. Wekesa said the Company recently contracted three super vendors to increase purchase outlets for its growing number of prepaid customers.  Kenya Power has intensified the implementation of the prepaid metering project with another 520,000 customers expected to be migrated from post pay system by end of the financial year.


Originally Published on Peter’s Blog Think M-PESA

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