Linkpay Extends to the Tabletop

Linkpay continues to drive innovation by offering the world’s first integrated mobile POS with EMV, NFC, and on-screen PIN entry.

Linkpay extends fully-integrated Clover Mobile Stations to the table top and store floor with your Linkpay merchant account. Restaurants can now accept payment at the table; retailers can use it for line-busting at busy times, brick and mortar stores can use it as a full-featured payment and business solution; and on-the-go merchants can use the device for their mobile needs.

Clover Mobile allows merchants to place orders, take payments, scan inventory, clock in employees, sync sales data with accounting software, and generate marketing insights that can lead to stronger, enduring customer relationships, all in a portable, 7-inch device.It works as either a standalone mobile register or can be paired with a Clover Station.

The tablet station is able to support standard card swipes, chip-and-pin EMV cards, PIN Debit, NFC (Apple Pay & Google Wallet), and barcode scans. It also includes a Bluetooth-connected mobile thermal printer that can be mounted on a belt for receipts. Available with Wi-Fi-only, or with both Wi-Fi and 3G support and access to Clover’s “App Market” which offers a range of merchant-focused applications including; Insightics solution, Perka (loyalty), Gyft (gift cards), and others.

Since its launch Clover has transformed the POS industry and has become the fastest selling POS system in US history. Clover mobile builds on this momentum. Restaurants with diners paying at the table, quick serve for add-on orders, retailers “line busting” or inventory scanning, food truck owners, mobile service professionals, and off-site events or festivals are perfect for Clover-Linkpay solutions.

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