Lycamobile Group Partners with WorldPay for End-to-End Payment Services

Lycamobile Group, a provider in the prepaid international calling card market, has selected WorldPay, a provider of payment processing, risk and alternative payments, to execute its end-to-end payment services including acquiring, gateway, risk, treasury and alternative payments to support its global payment requirements.

Previously, Lycamobile Group used a number of payment providers for acquiring, gateway, risk and treasury but the company chose to consolidate and select a payment partner that could offer the full breadth of services and support the company as it expands globally.

WorldPay was selected due to its expertise in e-commerce, its global reach and the range of payment services it can provide. Lycamobile Group’s customer base spans across the Asian, African and South American communities that live abroad and the business has ambitious plans to expand globally, offering more services that will benefit its customer base. WorldPay supports international e-commerce expansion strategies by offering global acquiring licenses and a portfolio of over 200 payment types. Lycamobile Group will be able to implement relevant alternative payment types as it enters new markets, ensuring that local preferences are catered for.

Subaskaran Allirajah, Lycamobile Group Chairman comments: “The nature of our business is inherently global as we are connecting our customers with their families and friends abroad. Our plan is to offer a full range of services that cater to the needs of this audience, and increasingly our payment support requirements have become more complex. We needed a provider that we could be confident would be able to support our global requests with the expertise in each payment service. WorldPay was the obvious choice, as we expand in the future, it will be able to scale with our needs.”

Ron Kalifa, Deputy Chairman at WorldPay, comments: “As businesses expand globally they need a payment provider that has the expertise of the international market but also offers a full range of services to cater for every payment requirement. WorldPay can not only offer global coverage but also end-to-end payment services. Our combination of global acquiring licenses and portfolio of alternative payments types means we can be on hand to advise and support Lycamobile Group as it grows.”

Lycamobile Group has a number of brands under its corporate umbrella including its flagship mobile brand Lycamobile, which currently operates in 17 markets, as well as Lycatalk, Lycamoney and Lycafly. Its brands are used by over eight million customers worldwide, generating a combined 23 billion minutes of voice calls per annum.

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