Makes Life Easier for Zimbabweans in South Africa

A new app created by Hello Paisa makes it possible for Zimbabweans in South Africa to send essential goods and groceries back home.

For Zimbabweans who are far from home, ensuring that their family is fed and looked-after is one of their most fundamental goals. This is often easier said than done, when faced with costly solutions, the potential for damaged goods and uncertainty of whether or not their groceries may even reach their final destination. has revolutionised the manner in which Zimbabweans in South Africa are now able to send goods and groceries to their loved ones.

Already renowned for their international money transfer service – Hello Paisa is recognised for offering a person-to-person, outward remittance service for migrant workers across the continent. – the new ‘Malaicha’ app will complement the company’s existing financial services suite.

According to Moosa Manjra, CEO of the Hello Paisa, “We are constantly looking at ways to improve our customer’s lives, and is just another way of doing that. Shopping in SA and getting your goods in Zimbabwe the very same day is a game-changer for any Zimbabwean.”

“Not only does Malaicha allow workers to provide the essentials for their families back home, but it is designed to do so in the simplest manner possible. In fact, only three steps are required: a quick KYC onboarding, adding the recipient; shopping for goods and groceries, and finally making payment.”

Manjra explains that ‘Malaicha’ is a Ndebele word meaning ‘transporting goods to and from’’. “The service is currently only available for Zimbabwean customers; we initially launched here due to the pressing need for a service of this nature. It goes without saying that the service is one we will look to drive into more countries in the near future.”

Today is available for same-day collection and free delivery in the following areas: Harare, Bulawayo, Mutare, Masvingo and Gweru.

“The concept of stemmed from solving a consumer problem. This solution is low-cost, easily accessible, amazingly simple to use and has technology at the very core, built on the Hello principles. Being a market leader in the Fintech space is challenging, and is just another example of how we continue to innovate and stay on top,” Manjra concludes.”

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