MBNA goes Digital with the Launch of a Pilot for the MBNA Wallet

MBNA has, in partnership with MasterCard, launched a trial of a digital wallet. Once the trial is complete in early 2015, the MBNA Wallet could be quickly rolled out to customers. This will enable customers to securely store their credit and debit cards in their ‘e-wallet’ and, at the checkout for their online shopping, select which card to use to pay via MasterPass.

Michael Donald, Commercial and Customer Experience executive, said: “Rather than entering your full card details every time you want to make a transaction, the MBNA digital wallet will enable customers to select their card and proceed to payment, much like when you’re on the high street.

“The system is simple, secure and fast and marks a leap forward in the level of innovation MBNA is applying to our services in order to make life easier for our customers.”

The MBNA Wallet is open, which means that in addition to MasterCard and MBNA, customers can load up any other cards they have in their possession whether that is Visa, American Express or other credit or debit cards.

A large number of retailers are already signed up to accept MasterPass in the UK and abroad with over 30,000 online businesses in the UK and 60,000 around the world. For example Boots, Argos, thetrainline.com, I Want One of Those and PC World as well as thousands of small and medium enterprises have enabled MasterPass at the checkout.

Scott Abrahams, head of acceptance and emerging payments at MasterCard UK and Ireland said, “Together we are offering a real alternative to consumers when paying online, removing the need to always input card details and the improved peace of mind that comes with this. Many consumers prefer the reassurance and ease of dealing directly with their own bank particularly when embracing digital payments, so our focus for 2015 is to offer MasterPass through multiple card issuers, and I’m delighted MBNA will be the first.“

MBNA’s Michael Donald added, “As an award-winning credit card provider, MBNA is proud to be at the forefront of digital innovation in a rapidly changing technology landscape and we look forward to being able to roll this service out to our customers in 2015.”

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