MoneyGram Reaches 200 Country Network Milestone

Following a year of significant network growth and expansion, MoneyGram, a global money transfer and payment services company, has reached a company milestone and is now offering services in 200 countries and territories worldwide. The achievement follows new agreements with agents in Equatorial Guinea and Myanmar.

“This is an important achievement in our continuous efforts to strengthen our network and to reach more customers across the globe,” says Pamela H. Patsley, chairman and chief executive officer at MoneyGram. “We are committed to our goal of being the preferred money transfer provider for our customers worldwide.”

In Equatorial Guinea, customers can now use MoneyGram services at CCEI Bank, the largest bank in that country. In Myanmar, services are available at three banks: Asia Green Development (AGD) Bank, Myanmar Citizens Bank (MCB) and Tun Foundation Bank (TFB).

The move to include MoneyGram services in Equatorial Guinea and Myanmar strategically targets previously underserved customers, and aims to bring customers closer through money transfers that can be made to and from locations across the globe.

“Enabling our customers to reach whomever they need – whenever and wherever – is a priority for us,” Patsley said. “Companies across the globe are coming to MoneyGram based on our track record of reliability and convenience, and the level of support and personal service they receive from us. They recognize that we are a leader in our industry, and are proud to leverage the power of the MoneyGram brand and network.”

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