MPOS Market Splitting in Two: Tablet and Smartphone Solutions

As the mPOS customer moves upmarket, developed countries are embracing tablets as a substitute for traditional POS systems. This trend is offering merchants a digital payment option wrapped around target offers as well as data solutions that improve customer loyalty and enhances data assets. Conversely small merchants in emerging markets looking to expand their customer base are adopting phones and dongles to service customers in urban areas. This is according to the latest mPOS Tracker Report by

Observations discussed in the February report also include:

mPOS merchant strikes deal with food retailer – Square struck a deal with food retailer Whole Foods, which processed $13 billion last year. If Square processes even just 1% of that amount, it is a major achievement for Square. Square could also develop a loyalty program for Whole Foods.

mPOS works with commerce software systems to increase customer experience – CARDFREE or PADQ, for example, are using software to analyze customer purchases and tie the trends with marketing and loyalty initiatives. mPOS works with these systems to gather purchase data and use tools to report on the data.

mPOS growth fueled by the micro merchant economy model – mPOS dongles are not spinning off purely because of the need to accept payments. The drive also exists because of the month-to-month or pay-as-you-go pricing, changing the traditional acceptance system.

The February report features two new players: iACCEPT and Barclaycard Anywhere. Additionally, it provides updates for seven existing players in the mPOS space, including Ezetap, iZettle, I Love Velvet, PayAnywhere, and Payleven. It also updates three suppliers: ROAM, Adyen and Infinite Peripherals.

The mPOS Tracker is a monthly analysis of the developments taking place in the mobile point of sale industry produced by and sponsored by ROAM. The full report is available here.

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